DESCRIPTION: Digital text annotation that allows students to think, write, and collaborate while they are doing close reading.


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Welcome to Newsela! Your school’s Newsela Launch begins tomorrow and we have a number of resources lined up during the next few days to help you get started.

In order to get started with Newsela, please take these three actions:

1. Register for an account. The first step to helping your students unlock the written word is registering for a account.

  • If you already have an account, you should currently have an active Newsela PRO account. If not, you may have registered with a different School Name, Address, or Zip Code. If this has happened, please contact and tell us your name, username, school name, and email address, so that that the Newsela team can place your account under your subscription.
    For teachers who are registering for the first time, please use the following link:
    This is a link that will ensure new teachers have a seamless registration process. When you register and enter your email, please use your School Email. Your email will also function as your username.

2. Attend a Newsela PRO 101 webinar. Sign up for a 12-minute introduction to Newsela PRO Webinar here!

3. Visit Newsela’s Learning and Support Center. In particular, make sure you see our two Quick Start Guides, one for teachers and one for students:

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Our time is now. Let’s do this. It’s time for our students to read closely, think critically, be worldly.

Thank you!

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Once you set up a class, students will register using a class code.