Scholastic Application Manager (SRI/SRC/Read180)

DESCRIPTION: The SAM Website gives you access to the following applications.
  • Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI)--assessment of reading comprehension skills (lexile-based).
  • Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC)--leveled literature and nonfiction text recommendations and assessment.
  • Read180--reading acceleration.
Teacher Access
Access to SAM (Scholastic Application Manager) is through the  Scholastic Central Login Page. This site is specific to our district.

Teacher Login Information

Username is in the format first initial, last name
(Example: Jane Smith = jsmith)
Password (default): Wildcats14
Through the SAM application, you can:
  • Add and manage student logins and enrollment
  • Manage your class
  • Access reports on students

Student Access
Students access scholastic applications through the  Scholastic Student Access Page.
There is also a short cut that you can write on the board for students to login with:

Student Login Information

Username AND Password for students is in the format school site, student id (Example: CES12345 or CHS12345)